Fonda LaShay

I love Stavanger.

My name is Fonda LaShay – I am an American web designer permanently living in Stavanger, Norway. There are many things I love about the internet! I meet my Norwegian boyfriend Ole-Richard via in 2008 and soon after moved to Norway. Living away from my family would not be possible without social media and Google Hangouts!

I love that it is so easy to stay up with trends in design, I am a minor (cough cough) Pinterest addict. So much so that I am the 9th most influential ‘pinner’ in Norway. I love blogging! I have a few blogs and my design blog is by far the most popular. I am overly excited to get to be a creator of the web in this age, there is so much that we are discovering, perfecting and developing – I really could not think of a better time to be in than this!

When it comes to design – I love all kinds of design. I grew up in art schools, loved building things,and drew many floorplans – so when I was 15 I co-enrolled in College and started off in Architectural Engineering. I loved this, but after 2 years decided that I wanted to study just design. This was the best decision of my teen years! I finished my design courses just in time to graduate from high school and was hired right away as a assistant designer.

It has just been getting better and better since. Now I get to work on designing web solutions for clients every day. I love the challenge of designing a site to work well, be easy for the user and work on all devices big and small. I look forward to where technology takes us and how it will keep us connected better!

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Newest Work:
Farstad Profilsystemer Website Redesign
Bilbyen Bilpleie AS
Akker Solutions Catalog App
TrustBuddy Redesign
Logos 2012
ISS Presentation with Impress.js
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